Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Toilet Replacement Lids - Check out options when buying a new toilet - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

Toilets come in many styles, shapes, sizes - and prices. Most options are more decorative than functional, but some choices are significant. A higher bowl height can be easier for people with back or leg problems. And, for existing bathrooms, you'll need to match the "rough-in" measurement (the distance between the center of the flange around the drain opening and the wall behind it). You can add blocking between the tank and the wall to accommodate a shorter rough-in measurement, but you can't install a toilet designed for a longer rough-in measurement without complicated alterations to the drain line.

Tanks with a gravity flush system (with the common fill valve, flapper, and overflow assembly) are usually less expensive than pressure-assist units (with a one-piece plastic chamber inside the porcelain tank). Pressure-assist units can flush more efficiently, because compressed air pushes out the solid waste. However, while parts for a gravity unit can be replaced easily and inexpensively, when a pressure-assist unit fails, the flush unit inside the tank - and sometimes the entire tank - must be replaced.

Especially with water-saving toilets (current federal standards mandate no more than 1.6-gallons per flush), it's important to look for a better-quality model with a larger-diameter trap. Make sure the toilet is glazed throughout, including all surfaces of the trap. A siphon jet (included on nearly all current models) will eliminate solid waste more efficiently.
In addition to the toilet, it's worth purchasing 5/16" bolts (instead of the 1/4" bolts generally provided) to attach the stool to the flange. Both these bolts and the tank bolts (used to mount the tank to the stool on a two-piece model) should be solid brass - not brass-plated steel, where the heads can rust away.

by Becky Stager, Home Repair Resource Center

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Toilet Replacement Lids - Customer Testimonials - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

"I placed the order. Thanks. You earned the $100.00." (American Standard 4021 White tank lid)

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"...I received the tank lid in excellent condition. The description stated that it was a blemished lid and to my surprise, the blemish was hardly noticeable! Our lid has been broken for at least 10 years and now our toilet is like new!!!" (Crane 4-15-001 tank lid, White)

"Cool Web site! I was about to embark on a plumbing nightmare. Now I'm taking my new toilet back to Home Depot. This will be MUCH easier. You are a God!" (Universal Rundle 4481/4490 tank lid, White)

"I appreciate your help in getting the right lid. It's a lot less hassle than putting in a new toilet." (1973 Norris tank lid White)

"I'm very glad you have this seemingly obscure business.  Replacing a lid I broke during a bathroom remodel IS a cheaper way than replacing the toilet and floor.  Thank you!" (1971 Norris tank lid White)

"Some guys told me to just put a piece of plywood on top. But thanks to you, I will not have to do that. Thanks for all your time in finding me this cover. Especially since I thought it was an American Standard tank lid. It even looks better than my old one before it broke. You're the best..." (Orion tank lid, White)

"Thanks for the tracking number. I am looking forward to receiving it as after installation, my back will not get wet anymore. ...Ha-ha." (Briggs B6621 tank lid, White)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Huge spider lurking under toilet proves why we should flush before use - Toilet Replacement Lids - Toilet Tips - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

Ah, the toilet. Our own personal fortress of solitude where nothing and no one can harm or judge us. Right?
We were terrified enough when snakes took over our bathrooms, but this massive spider in the toilet makes us want to hold it forever and never go into a bathroom again.
Yes, of course the YouTuber's first instinct is to flush the huge arachnid down. You might even feel bad as you watch the spider recoil and begin to... NOPE IT'S NOT DEAD KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT.

by Andy Campbell

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dress up your bathroom with a skirted toilet - Toilet Replacement Lids - Toilet Tips - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

A skirted toilet is similar to a concealed trapway toilet, and to help understand this, we’ll start with the basics.
Standard toilets have what is called an exposed trapway, because you can actually see the built-in outline of the toilet bowl and the trapway.
Now, if you’re looking to make the job of cleaning your toilet bowl a little easier, you can move up to a concealed trapway toilet. Concealed trapway toilets feature smooth sides in back of the bowl, and the outline of the trap and trap drain are now hidden.
A skirted toilet bowl takes this design feature a step further and offers a continuous clean-looking smooth surface from the front of the bowl to the back of the bowl. Hence the name, because now the bowl can be thought of as being completely skirted.
Keep in mind that skirted toilet bowl prices and installation costs can be higher. But, with perfectly smooth sides, a skirted toilet bowl can do double duty because it’s easy to clean and adds design style to your bathroom.
by Ed Del Grande