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Toilet Replacement Lids - Tips to help you avoid damaging your toilet tank lid - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

Below are some tips to help you avoid damaging your toilet tank lid.

Toilets and their tank lids are made of vitreous china. This vitreous, glazed surface is glass-like and therefore smooth and slippery, the same as glass. The china body is made of clay, much like pottery, and therefore heavy, the same as pottery.

Toilet tank lids weigh 10 pounds on average. The ratio of a lid's weight to its size is high. This is deceiving to one's natural instinct when seeing a lid and deciding how to pick it up.
In summary, toilet tank lids are heavy, slippery, and fragile. So, with these factoids in mind, here is how we recommend you handle toilet tank lids:

Handling a lid:
~ Handle with dry hands only.
~ Always use two hands.
~ Lift and carry from the under-side.
~ When removing or installing a lid, stand or sit directly in front of the toilet and hold the lid on the left and right sides.
~ Use care not to hit or bump the lid against the tank.

Storing a lid off of a toilet:
~ Do not lean it vertically against a wall or other support. (Odds are it will slip, fall, and break.)
~ Do not set the lid on, or in contact with, a hard surface such as tile, marble, cast iron, steel. (If you must do this, insulate it with a towel or blanket.)
~ Do not set the lid on a counter. (Odds are it will get bumped and fall.)
~ Do not store the lid in the bath tub. (Odds are it will slip, fall and break.)
~ Do not set the lid on the floor. (Odds are it will get kicked and broken.)
~ In other words, do not store the lid in the bathroom. Take it to a bedroom and set it on the bed. (Then place an orange cone on top of it. ...Just kidding!)
~ Second choice is another room on carpet or a cushioned chair with side arms.

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Toilet Replacement Lids - Customer Testimonials - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

Here is what our customers say

Fit & Color:
"Perfect size, perfect fit. Thanks." (Trenton CON 248 tank lid, White)

"The tank lid arrived in great condition. It fit pervfectly and even though it was made in 1946 (9 years older), it was a perfect match. I'm impressed! As I am trying to do an exact 1955 era restoration of all the bathrooms, this was a tremendous find." (American Standard 4033 tank lid, White)

"Our toilet tank lid arrived today and it fits perfectly!  In size and color.  Thank you so much for your quick (3-Day) shipment and quick response to my questions.  If this should ever happen to us again we know who to call." (American Standard 4083 tank lid, Bone)

"Thank you for having this service available on the internet. You matched the color and fit of the lid on my toilet. You solved a serious remodeling problem. You even matched the year to the toilet." (American Standard 1957 F4043 tank lid, Fawn)

"Thanks again for all your help, . . . . it had been a frustrating 3 month process for me to try and replace an outdated red lid and I was hitting nothing but dead ends till I found your web site." (Kohler K4530 tank lid, Antique Red)

Happy Thanksgiving

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Toilet Replacement Lids - 5 things that are germier than a toilet seat - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521


(Copyright:  Eldad Carin)

Your cell phone
That thing you're pressing to your face? There's a 16 percent chance it has fecal matter on it, London researchers found. And even if it's not brimming with E. coli, nine in 10 cell phones carry some kind of disease-causing germ, like influenza or MRSA. Think about it: You take your cell phone everywhere--public transit, the bathroom, the office--and you never clean it.
YOUR FIX: Wipe it with an electronic-safe disinfectant wipe like Wireless Wipes or CleanTouch once a week, said Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona. (Are you neglecting the unwritten rules of hygiene? You might not even realize it, but here are the Super-Gross Things You Do Without Thinking About It.)

Your grill
You probably cleaned your toilet more recently than you cleaned your grill--and that's not a wise choice, considering the latter comes in contact with your food. The average grill has 1.7 million microbes per square inch, according to a 2013 British study. That's more than twice as many bacteria as the average john. It makes sense that your grill is nasty because food particles cling to the grates and work surfaces.
YOUR FIX: To give it a deep clean, scrub the grates with soap and a scouring pad, scrape out any charred bits from the bottom, clean out the gook in the burners with a paperclip, and rub down the entire exterior with an ammonia-based cleaner and a paper towel. (Steer clear of E.Coli and salmonella by preventing the 5 Cookout Mistakes That Make You Sick.)

Your 'clean' laundry
Crap clings to your underwear, whether you can see it or not. When you throw your undies in the laundry, you transfer about 500 million E. coli bacteria to the machine, according to Gerba. On top of that, water tends to settle in the bottom of front-loading machines, making it a breeding ground for germs. Then you wash your clothes in that mess.
YOUR FIX: To make sure your clothes come out actually clean, do a load of whites first so you can use chlorine bleach to sanitize the machine. Dedicate a cycle to underwear and use hot water with a color-safe bleach substitute. Also, run an empty cycle with bleach once every month to keep your washer free of bacteria.

Your toothbrush
When you flush your toilet, it can spray aerosolized droplets over 20 feet, said Philip Tierno Jr., director of microbiology and immunology at NYU's Langone Medical Center and the author of “The Secret Life of Germs.” So if you leave your toothbrush out on the bathroom sink, it could be showered with tiny drops of whatever you just flushed.
YOUR FIX: Stowing your toothbrush in a cabinet away from the flying feces might be a good idea. Running it through the dishwasher will also eliminate germs, according to a 2011 study in the American Journal of Dentistry. An even easier option: soak your toothbrush in a mouthwash that contains cetylpyridinium chloride, like Scope, for 20 minutes. (Most guys trust their brush is taking care of business, but the dirty truth is that it may be a Trojan horse of bacteria and other microorganisms. Find out How Clean is Your Toothbrush  and  how to keep your mouth healthy.)

Your kitchen sponge
Your sponge is probably the nastiest thing in your kitchen. It's damp and constantly in contact with bacteria, making it a prime place for germs to proliferate. There's a one in three chance your kitchen sponge has staph, according to a Simmons College study. (That's twice the contamination rate of your toilet.) And it could be harboring 10 million bacteria per square inch--that's 200,000 times dirtier than your toilet, according to studies from the University of Arizona.

YOUR FIX: To kill germs, nuke your wet sponge in the microwave for 1 minute. It’s that simple


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Toilet Replacement Lids - Finally Kohler Innovates The Toilet Seat To Tackle The Nasty Odors Right At The ‘Throne’- This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

PureFresh From Kohler Claims To Tackle Foul Toilet Odor Right At The Source

Tackling nasty odors in the toilet has always been a difficult task. Though there are many products that claim to eliminate the stench, none seem to work as good as advertised. Now premium bathroom fittings and fixtures maker Kohler has come up with an interesting product that promises to tackle and eliminate the foul stink right near its source.
With its new PureFresh line of toilet seats, Kohler Co. is tackling malodorous bathroom air at the toilet seat itself. The Wisconsin company, which claims to be dedicated to “gracious living,” has introduced a solution to a less-than-graceful, and occasionally embarrassing, social situation.
The PureFresh seat wafts away the foul odors that so often accompany toilet use, replacing them with “a light, clean scent,” claims the company. Moreover, you do not have to push a button to activate the mechanism — just sit down, suggests the company.

The PureFresh System Has Multiple Components To Address Foiuld Odors Right At The Source
The PureFresh System Has Multiple Components To Address Foul Odors Right At The Source
The PureFresh appears to be an air-filter that starts immediately after a person sits on the “throne.” A series of “air-purifying” and deodorizing events are set in motion, which are run by battery, reported Digital Trends. A fan starts sucking air from the bowl and pushes it through a carbon filter.
The basic PureFresh toilet seat offers to eliminate the odors, but an optional “scent pack” that the company urges you buy allows the now-deodorized air to be infused with “pleasant aromas.” Once the air leaves the carbon filter, it is wafted over this scent pack, which includes choices like “Garden Waterfall,” “Avocado Spa,” and “Soft and Fresh Laundry.”
The scented air is then released into the atmosphere, allowing the toilet seat to actually freshen up the place instead of stinking it, reported Architecture and Design.
Speaking about the innovation, Jerry Bougher, the firm’s marketing manager for toilet seats said, “We did a lot of research, and one of the attributes we got out of it was people were looking for some way to, you know — deodorize. Obviously, you’re in the bathroom. You’re sitting on a toilet seat. We all kind of have a tendency to know what’s going on at that point.”
Though the technical aspects like battery life and filter endurance could be tested in-house, Kohler still needed to conduct field tests to judge the efficacy of the entire system. Smells are quite subjective — what smells bad to some might not be that offensive to others. Moreover, some noses are more sensitive than others, some bathrooms are bigger than others, and some situations are more challenging than others, said Bougher.
But the PureFresh has worked wonders in almost all situations, he claims. Costing $120, the Kohler PureFresh toilet seat is quite expensive as compared to conventional products, but the company has taken a right step in tackling an ages-old problem by attacking it right at the source.
[Image Credit | Kohler]

by Alap Naik Desai

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Toilet Replacement Lids - This Old Toilet Testimonials - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

"The tank lid arrived in great condition. It fit pervfectly and even though it was made in 1946 (9 years older), it was a perfect match. I'm impressed! As I am trying to do an exact 1955 era restoration of all the bathrooms, this was a tremendous find." (American Standard 4033 tank lid, White)

"My toilet tank lid arrived in perfect shape. Thank you. I gave your contact info to the plumbing supply store in town because they had told me that replacement parts were not available. I do not know if they will refer any customers to you as it is in their interest to sell new toilets but I figured it was worth a try as I am sure many people will find themselves in the situation of needing a lid. Thanks again, you saved me a lot of work." ( American Standard F4049:T75 tank lid, White)

"Thanks again for all your help, . . . . it had been a frustrating 3 month process for me to try and replace an outdated red lid and I was hitting nothing but dead ends till I found your web site." (Kohler K4530 tank lid, Antique Red)

"So glad I found this Website! A vanity cabinet slid off the wall onto the toilet 5 years ago and smashed the lid to pieces. I had been living with a towel stretched across the tank to hide the damage all this time. This looks MUCH better.(Kohler 84591White tank lid)