Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toilet Replacement Lids - Exploding toilets spark recall of flushing system - This Old Toilet - 650-483-1139

Flushmate system recalled. Pic: USCPSC

The Series 503 Flushmate III system is affected. Pic: USCPSC
Hundreds of thousands of flushing systems are being recalled in the US and Canada over fears they may cause toilet tanks to explode.
There have been at least three reports of Flushmate systems bursting, resulting in property damage but no-one has been hurt.
The units can burst near a seam with enough force to lift the tank lid and even shatter the tank, according to officials.
Consumers have been told to stop using the recalled system and turn off the water supply to the unit.
They have also been urged to flush the toilet to release the internal pressure.
Customers should then contact Flushmate so they can get a free repair kit.
The recall of the Series 503 Flushmate III Pressure Assist flushing systems affects 351,000 units in the US and about 9,400 in Canada.
The units, that were sold at Home Depot and Lowe's stores, were made between March 2008 and June 2009.
It follows an earlier recall in June 2012 of 2.3 million units in the US and 9,400 in Canada made between October 1997 and February 2008.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Toilet Replacement Lids - This Could Be the World's Most Awkward Bathroom - This Old Toilet - 650-483-1139

A week ago, Simon Landau was eating at an Indian restaurant in northwest D.C. when he decided to use the bathroom. He walked into the facilities and was brought short by this incredible stall design: Two toilets facing each other and separated by a space of mere feet, as if the restaurant was encouraging people to hold philosophical dialogues while dropping deuces. Landau, who works at local TV station WUSA 9, snapped this picture of what he calls"undoubtedly the weirdest public restroom I've ever seen in my entire life":
"When I walked in I was briefly confused and then started cracking up," he tells Toilet Tuesday. "There was a lock on the door so I just locked up and it was fine. I guess when it comes to that bathroom, timing is everything."
It turns out these buddy toilets have already enthralled a select group of D.C. foodies. "Notice how many patrons exit the restroom smiling?" asks "Giant Shrimp" on food forum, who adds that the owner, who inherited the bathroom when he opened the restaurant, has joked: "I should have added a chess set." And on Yelp, Peter M. says: "If I didn't know any better I might think that there is some strange Indian custom where after a meal you carry the conversation to the bathroom and continue talking face to face...."
There's not much to say about this public loo next to a Belarus highway, except that 1) somebody really needs to hire a janitor for it, and 2) you better have a healthy tolerance for voyeurism before undoing your belt:
by John Metcalfe

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Toilet Replacement Lids - One World Trade Center's Bathrooms Already Have Obnoxious Graffiti - This Old Toilet - 650-483-1139

One World Trade Center's Bathrooms Already Have Obnoxious Graffiti

Everything is officially back to normal in lower Manhattan. More than a decade after the terrorists attacked, the former site of the Twin Towers is home to a soon-to-be-opened skyscraper whose bathrooms are preemptively covered with racist, sexist and just plain disgusting graffiti.
The sorry state of the temporary construction loos, located on every fifth floor of the 104-storyOne World Trade Center, was exposed this weekend by the Daily News in a story headlined "TOWER OF HATE." While such bathroom bigotry is common throughout the city – indeed, the entire world – it's rather dismaying to see it appearing on such a sacred site. As one tourist told the newspaper: "People died here. I don’t like this. It makes me sad."
The marker musings at 1 WTC hit all the loathsome classics: "Whites only," "Woman don’t belong in construction!" and "Where’s Obama’s birth certificate!!!!" Then there are odder contributions like "Irish take a bath ya smelly f---s" and a guessing game for Jerry Sandusky's youngest victim. It's worth nothing the existence of inspirational messages, too, such as "God bless America" and the hopeful prediction that Obama himself scrawled on a nearby steel beam: "We come back stronger!" But the good stuff represents "1 percent of what's written," an anonymous source told the News. "The other 99 percent is all negative s---."