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Toilet Replacement Parts - Portable Toilet Christmas Tree - This Old Toilet - 650-483-1139

Courtesy JOTS via Facebook

 Some East Texas workers are showing that anything can be used to get people into the holiday spirit...even portable toilets!
This is the third year in a row that the workers at JOTS Rentals in Longview have built a Christmas tree out of the toilets.
The workers used approximately 40 porta-potties to make the display, which even included Santa Clause in the top john and a star above his head.
Workers say many drivers have been having a good laugh.

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Toilet Replacement Parts - The Best Stories From Our Experienced Customers: - This Old Toilet - 650-483-1139

The Best Stories From Our Experienced Customers:
"We need a tank lid. We are a roofing company and one of our guys fell through a skylight opening. He hit the toilet on the way down and broke the lid. ...Swear to God. He's okay."(American Standard 4049 Fawn Beige tank lid, 2011)
"I dropped a hammer on a customer's toilet. You guys are the only one in America who has this thing." (American Standard 2092 Hamilton White tank lid, 2010)
"I stored the toilet in the garage during the remodel. The lid was on a tool box. The dog went by and bumped it. It smashed into many pieces."
"I was crawling out my second story window to make some exterior repairs. I'm a big guy, it's a small window. My foot hit the tank lid. It's American standard, but I can't find a number yet." (2010)
"The wind came through my window and blew my flower vase off the sill. It landed on the toilet and broke the lid. I cut my hand badly picking up the pieces." (American Standard 2006-7 Bone tank lid)

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Toilet Replacement Parts - Jakarta threatens toilet-scrubbing as punishment for jaywalking and littering - This Old Toilet - 650-483-1139

Supri / Reuters
Vehicles are seen stuck in a traffic jam during rush hour in Jakarta in this June 14, 2013 file photo.
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Think about it: Would you rather walk an extra 100 yards to the next crosswalk, or risk scrubbing public toilets in urban train stations?
That’s a question residents of Jakarta will be asking themselves in the coming months as the Indonesian capital escalates the battle against its legendary civic chaos. 
Jaywalking, littering, driving a car without a license or a motorcycle without a helmet, stopping at unofficial bus stops, even handing money over to beggars — you’d better think twice in this teeming capital.
Jarkata’s authorities will not only fine you, but also order you to scrub the detritus left behind by some of the city’s ten million inhabitants.
It’s not about saving money, says Jakarta deputy governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, who announced the new punishments at the end of November. “This is all part of an education program” to “get people to live in order” and “improve the capital,” he told the Indonesia’s news agency Antara. 
Authorities appear prepared to be creative in the endless campaign against turmoil in one of the world’s most sprawling cities. Along with these unorthodox “social sanctions,” as Jakarta’s deputy governor has called them, city officials are setting up a website that will allow road users to “name and shame” fellow motorists by posting pictures of traffic offenses online.
The police warned that lawbreakers would be identified and fined. 
Fauzi, a 34 year-old hotel staff member in central Jakarta, says he’s not against the new measures, but he won’t tattle on other motorists. “It would be a good way to practice my photography,” he laughs, “but I won’t report others, because I sometimes break the law myself.” He admits to regularly “missing” red lights and crossing the road where he’s not supposed to.
Like two-thirds of the other road users in Jakarta, Fauzi drives a motorcycle, squeezing between lanes in the jam-packed rush-hour traffic, but he says he still spends several hours stuck on the streets every day.
In Jakarta, the same journey can take from 10 minutes to three hours according to the time of day. People regularly compromise on rules to shave off minutes here and there. Motorcyclists drive on the wrong side of the street, and take to narrow pedestrian bridges. Sidewalks and bus lanes have long been fair game for everyone.
This last problem, at least, is seeing some improvement with the recent implementation of a 2009 law to fine drivers who use the bus lanes.  
Fauzi agrees: “Public transportation is the solution but drivers have to respect the special lanes. Jokowi is making them,” he says, referring to Jakarta’s governor, Joko Widodo. In power for just over a year, the popular governor was recently named by pollsters the man to beat in the 2014 presidential elections. 
Prior to his unexpected election as governor of Jakarta, Mr. Joko was mayor of Surakarta, in central Java, where he managed to relieve traffic congestion by implementing a rail/bus system and relocating the hordes of street vendors out of the traffic lanes.
He has yet to prove he can do as well in the gigantic capital. A survey published last October showed a majority of residents didn’t believe he had done any better than his predecessors, but he has asked them to be patient. He says the construction of a long awaited monorail system and the re-launch of a twenty-year-old railway project will make a difference.
The city’s public transportation options are currently very limited, and walking through the polluted equatorial city is hardly pleasant; many pedestrians wear masks, and they must watch out for the occasional open sewer. 
But while residents are eager to see change, old habits die hard. The October survey revealed that most respondents blamed traffic congestion on the number of cars, but drivers seem little inclined to give up their vehicles. To encourage carpooling, authorities impose minimum occupancy requirements on vehicles during peak hours. To circumvent this, drivers pay entrepreneurial “jockeys” to jump in.
Indeed, creative responses to previous new laws cast doubt on the potential for the new toilet cleaning initiative to act as a deterrent rather than some unimagined business opportunity — perhaps for police officers looking to supplement their income.
 By Marie Dhumieres, GlobalPost Contributor

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Toilet Replacement Parts - Woman Loses Skin in Painful Toilet Prank - This Old Toilet - 650-483-1139

A Georgia woman wants answers after an apparent prank at a Home Depot -- someone put glue on the toilet seat she used in the store and ship stuck -- for more than an hour. Paramedics eventually freed her but the rescue after a painful injuries including -- -- She says she's now spending all her time on -- capture. Whoever decided if it wasn't I was -- probably.
I -- our I can understand why they weren't just taking me to the emergency there may have a doctor remove it on the ground woman I can't even -- Now she wants to know who put the glue on the toilet seat however the sheriff's office has -- -- security camera footage and they say they have found absolutely no evidence of anyone else entering the restroom. During that time Home -- says it has tried to get in touch with her. That is just the strangest story.
Apparently didn't do -- -- the -- that they used. Eventually. I guess get that -- free.
So. OK so the -- is obviously the prank but also the fact that she. But is upset that they didn't just take the toilet seat off with her on it and take her to the hospital to let the doctors later that evening -- Yes so you know we don't know what kind of glue was as I'm talking about anything yet more have reason to homer.


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Toilet Replacement Parts - Cost of a New Toilet "It's not just what you pay, it's what it costs you." - This Old Toilet - Phone: 650-483-1139

Cost of a New Toilet
Considerations if Replacing the Whole Toilet
"It's not just what you pay, it's what it costs you."

Some people have said, "Gee, I could buy a whole new toilet for a hundred dollars!" ...And that's true. But consider the complete project cost and its feasibility. ...Not just the price of an economy-model toilet, a carton, ...on a shelf, Giant Home Center. Also decide if your current toilet might be better than the one at the home center.

Project Costs:
The new toilet itself, plus: new wax ring seal (bowl wax); new riser supply pipe; new mounting bolts; new toilet seat(?); new angle stop; sales tax on all that. (If you don't know what these items are, then you will need an installer.)

Professional installation: Add the labor cost for an installer. (In many cases the labor charge from a professional, licensed plumber is over $150.00.)

DIY installation: Add the time to do-it-yourself. (DIY time is generally 2-4 times longer than a professional's time.) Do you have the expertise, experience, and tools? What if there's a leak when you're done? Leaks can occur at the angle valve, the riser connection to the tank, between the tank and bowl, or between the bowl and floor. If you reuse the old angle valve, be very gentle with it as they become fused stiff with age and tend to be quite fragile. Check the operation of your main shut-off valve to the house before starting the project.
Check the cost for disposal of the old toilet. In some areas, only certain dump facilities will take old toilets. The fee can range from $5.00 to $15.00.

Will the shape of the "foot" of the old bowl leave a stain on the floor that is exposed compared to the shape of the foot of the new bowl?
If the paint or wall paper behind the tank of the old toilet is not complete, will the new toilet tank size and shape cover the exposed area? If the paint or wall paper behind the tank of the old toilet is less faded than the rest of the wall, will the new toilet tank size and shape cover the exposed area?
If your toilet is colored, will you be able to locate the matching color from current production?

Some very old toilets (1920s - 50s) use four mounting bolts to secure the bowl to the floor. Modern toilets have only two mounting bolts. Will the new toilet cover the holes in the floor from the old bolts or screws?
Some very old toilets (1920s - 40s) have a tank mounted to the wall with an elbow pipe between the tank the bowl. Will the new toilet leave these unused holes exposed?
Some four-bolt toilets were 10 or 14 inch rough-in (the distance from the wall to the rear bolts). 10 and 14 inch toilets are still available today, but they must be special ordered, are limited in style, come in white only, and are more expensive than standard 12".
If your counter top extends over the toilet tank ("Banjo Top"), will the height of a new toilet will be low enough to fit under the counter? (Careful here - We get many calls asking if we sell thinner tank lids. NOT.)

Your toilet may be a 3.5 or 5 gallon-per-flush style. A new toilet will be a 1.6 gallon ultra low flush water saver. Do you want to make that change? (1994 = 1.6 GPF; 1982 = 3.5 GPF; 1970's = 5 GPF; really old = 7 GPF.)

Most municipalities require a building permit for the installation or replacement of a toilet. Check with your building department for regulations, application form, and fees.

The cost of a replacement tank lid from ThisOldToilet®,, may actually be quite economical and requires no installation. The only tool required is a knife to open the box.

~ If you do replace your entire toilet, check with your water supply company to see if you qualify for a low-flush rebate.
~ If you do replace your entire toilet, and you are in Santa Clara or San Mateo counties in California, click this link for a toilet disposal pick-up service:
~To learn vocabulary about toilets, go to our Toilet Glossary.
~ To learn how to maintain, trouble-shoot, and repair your toilet, visit Toiletology.
~ To find toilet tank internal repair parts, or call 800-658-4521, #1, M-F, 9-5, EST.

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Toilet Replacement Parts - What our Customers Say - This Old Toilet - Phone: 650-483-1139

Here is what are customers are saying

Fit & Color:

"The tank lid arrived in great condition. It fit pervfectly and even though it was made in 1946 (9 years older), it was a perfect match. I'm impressed! As I am trying to do an exact 1955 era restoration of all the bathrooms, this was a tremendous find." (American Standard 4033 tank lid, White)

"Thank you for having this service available on the internet. You matched the color and fit of the lid on my toilet. You solved a serious remodeling problem. You even matched the year to the toilet." (American Standard 1957 F4043 tank lid, Fawn)

"Our toilet tank lid arrived today and it fits perfectly!  In size and color.  Thank you so much for your quick (3-Day) shipment and quick response to my questions.  If this should ever happen to us again we know who to call." (American Standard 4083 tank lid)

Value & Quality:

"Cool Web site! I was about to embark on a plumbing nightmare. Now I'm taking my new toilet back to Home Depot. This will be MUCH easier. You are a God!" (Universal Rundle 4481/4490 tank lid, White)

Service & Delivery:

 "The toilet tank lid I ordered last Sunday arrived today – Friday!   AWESOME!  I have five house guests coming at the end of the week so you can only imagine how desperate and grateful I am/was!!!  Your website is fabulous – even I could figure out what we needed in this emergency!   Thank you so much --- I want to tell Menards, Lowes, Home Depot – all those that said it would be at least a month or more before I could get a replacement – CONTACT -- THIS OLD TOILET!!!  You guys even called me to confirm my order on Monday morning! – there was a little glitch in PayPal because I received a reply that my first order didn’t go through – so thank you for that, too!!!  I’m very impressed and only hope that my company can be as service oriented as yours!!! Truly, thank you for your SERVICE!!!!   p.s. The toilet tank FITS and looks PERFECT!!!     THANK YOU!!" (Eljer Emblem tank lid, White)

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Toilet Replacement Parts - Did you know we were featured on Angie's List - This Old Toilet - Phone: 650-483-1139

Salvage company solves toilet hassles

Toilet Issue 2008
Photo by Stephanie Maulding — Gary Tjader is the proud owner of This Old Toilet.
The broken flushing mechanism on his Universal Rundle Toilet pushed Andy Mattson’s buttons. When it quit working earlier this year, Mattson searched local plumbing supply stores in San Jose, Calif., for a replacement, with no luck. “I never considered buying a new [toilet or tank] because of the cost and hassle,” Mattson says.
Turning to the Internet, Mattson came across This Old Toilet, a company based in nearby Los Altos. Here, the emphasis on salvaged vintage lids and new toilet seats is second to none, and old tanks, bowls and one-piece toilets are also available. In addition, the company takes non-sellable parts to a recycling facility to become road-base construction material. As for Mattson’s flushing problem, his white toilet tank lid with a flush button — mass produced around the late 1980s to early 1990s — arrived two days later. “The toilet flushes perfectly now,” Mattson says.
The salvage business at This Old Toilet, owned by Gary Tjader, is in full flow as the demand for old toilet parts keeps his weekly hunt afloat. Sales began in 1999, when Tjader crafted the idea after serving as a plumbing materials supply advisor to consumers on two websites. There, he saw countless requests for where to find old toilet tank lids. “It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack,” Tjader says.

Toilet Issue 2008
Photo by Stephanie Maulding — This Old Toilet found a perfect solution for Andy Mattson’s broken flusher through a push button lid.
This Old Toilet offers 94 toilet seat colors in two sizes and tank lids from 78 past and current manufacturers, which encompass about 500 models and colors that date back to 1915. For Tjader, 2007 was a record year when he shipped a total of 900 parts, including 500 tank lids. Many of his sales come from the East Coast, but requests for items have arrived from as far away as Japan and Australia.
Tjader picks his way through salvage yards and finds items from plumbers and homeowners looking to get rid of their old johns. Even a heap of trash bearing a couple of tank lids became a gold mine during one Lake Tahoe ski vacation, says Tjader, who collects 20 to 40 lids per month and removes old paint and scratches from lids and tanks.
While American Standard is the biggest selling brand, the company also offers Kohler and Eljer toilet parts. Tank lids constitute about 55 percent of all the company’s sales and average at least $100 each. Shipping a lid costs $10 to $25, plus $5 for the carton and packing.
Toilet seats follow lids in terms of sales. This Old Toilet became Newmanstown, Pa., resident Lydia Dierwechter’s saving grace when her old, discontinued French Vanilla toilet seat broke and Tjader helped her find a new one in the same color. “The difference was amazing,” Dierwechter says. “I told Gary the Toilet Gods were smiling once again.”

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Toilet Replacement Parts - What's the most expensive toilet in the world? - This Old Toilet - Phone: 650-483-1139

They say that the road to the palace of wisdom is paved with excess. The folks at Hang Fu­ng Gold Technology Group in Hong Kong must be very wise indeed. The company's Hong Kong showroom features the "Hall of Gold," which contains several opulent handcrafted treasures. But the tourist favorite is "The World's Most Expensive Gold and Jewelry Sparkling Environmental Friendly Washroom" [source: Hang Fung]. Perhaps the most admired item in the gold bathroom is the 24-carat solid gold toilet.
In early 2008, some concern arose that the famous gold toilet could be melted down. The jewellers assuaged the public's worries by announcing that the toilet will remain intact. However, the company says that some of the other fixtures in the golden lavatory may not fare so well [source: AFP].
The company's owners stipulated that if the price of gold reaches $1,000 per ounce, one ton (32,000 ounces) of the tourist attraction will be melted into bullion and sold [source: AFP]. The company would gross a cool $32 million, and the owners would net about $17.6 million.
by Josh Clark

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Toilet Replacement Parts - World's 'loneliest' toilet sits alone on a cliff in Siberia - This Old Toilet - Phone: 650-483-1139

The loneliest loo? This toilet sits on a cliff in Siberia.


The loneliest loo? This toilet sits on a cliff in Siberia.

This lonely lavatory has been dubbed the most extreme toilet in the world as it's perched on a cliff 2,600 metres (more than 8,500 feet) above sea level in SIBERIA.
The precarious privy in the Altai Mountains, Russia, serves the remote weather station at Kara-Tyurek — literally Black Heart in the local South Altayan language — which began working in 1939.
Five staff man the station at this outpost and this is their only toilet.
They are visited once a month by a postman to collect the weather data, and a helicopter delivers supplies of food and water each autumn.
The lonely toilet in the Altai Mountains is for the five workers who man the remote weather station at Kara-Tyurek.


The lonely toilet in the Altai Mountains is for the five workers who man the remote weather station at Kara-Tyurek.

Wood too, to burn on the stove, because there are no trees in this bleak landscape.
A recent survey of privies with panache by Interfax news agency in Belarus explained: "The toilet is perhaps the most unromantic place possible, but there are some parts of the world where people have made them something really special."
This Siberian commode was listed as the 'most extreme' in the world where the fear evaporates only after years using it.

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Toilet Replacement Parts - Giant prehistoric toilet unearthed - This Old Toilet - Phone: 650-483-1139

Coprolites exposed at latrineEach poo is a time capsule to the dawn of the dinosaurs

Related Stories

A gigantic "communal latrine" created at the dawn of the dinosaurs has been unearthed in Argentina.
Thousands of fossilised poos left by rhino-like megaherbivores were found clustered together, scientists say.
The 240-million-year-old site is the "world's oldest public toilet" and the first evidence that ancient reptiles shared collective dumping grounds.
The dung contains clues to prehistoric diet, disease and vegetation saysa study in Scientific Reports.

Start Quote

It's a warning to predators. If you leave a huge pile you are saying: 'Hey! Watch out!'”
Dr Lucas FiorelliCrilar-Conicet
Elephants, antelopes and horses are among modern animals who defecate in socially agreed hotspots - to mark territory and reduce the spread of parasites.
But their best efforts are dwarfed by the enormous scale of this latrine - which breaks the previous record "oldest toilet" by 220 million years.
Fossil "coprolites" as wide as 40cm and weighing several kilograms were found in seven massive patches across the Chanares Formation in La Rioja province.
Some were sausage-like, others pristine ovals, in colours ranging from whitish grey to dark brown-violet.
"There is no doubt who the culprit was," said Dr Lucas Fiorelli, of Crilar-Conicet, who discovered the dung heaps.
"Only one species could produce such big lumps - and we found their bones littered everywhere at the site."
DicynodontThe culprits were dicynodonts - ancient megaherbivores
The perpetrator was Dinodontosaurus, an eight-foot-long megaherbivore similar to modern rhinos.
These animals were dicynodonts - large, mammal-like reptiles common in the Triassic period when the first dinosaurs began to emerge.
The fact they shared latrines suggests they were gregarious, herd animals, who had good reasons to poo strategically, said Dr Fiorelli.
"Firstly, it was important to avoid parasites - 'you don't poo where you eat', as the saying goes.
"But it's also a warning to predators. If you leave a huge pile, you are saying: 'Hey! We are a big herd. Watch out!"
The predator in this case was the formidable Luperosuchus, a crocodile-like carnivore up to 8m in length.
But the dung patches were equally intimidating.
Diversity of coprolite shapes and sizes from several communal latrinesA museum of poos has been created by the researchers
A density of 94 poos per square metre was recorded by the researchers. And the excrement was spread across patches 900 square metres in size.
Prehistoric coprolites are nothing new, but it is extremely rare to find an accumulation as old and substantial as this one - because faeces degrade so easily.
A sheet of volcanic ash has preserved the ancient dung piles "like Pompeii", said Dr Fiorelli.
The coprolites are like time capsules.
"When cracked open they reveal fragments of extinct plants, fungi, and gut parasites," said Martin Hechenleitner, a fellow author on the study.
"Each poo is a snapshot of an ancient ecosystem - the vegetation and the food chain.
"This was a crucial time in evolutionary history. The first mammals were there, living alongside the grandfather of dinosaurs.
"Maybe with these fossils we can glimpse into the lost environment which gave rise to the dinosaurs."
Artist's impression of the latrineThe world's oldest toilet - an artist's impression

by James Morgan