We all use our smartphones and tablets in the bathroom, but there's an unwritten rule that you do it discreetly, and don't really brag about touching your device while touching your... well, you get the idea. So while on one hand it's easy to be disgusted by CTA Digital's toilet paper/iPad stand, on the other we're probably all quietly reaching for our credit cards.
Even at $45 the iPad Pedestal Stand is a steal since it keeps the two most important things we've come to rely on in the bathroom in easy reach. And a gooseneck mount means it's easy to position your tablet at the optimal viewing angle. The only thing missing is a much needed splashguard, and a bottle of touchscreen-friendly disinfectant. [CTA Digital via Gear Diary]

source: http://gizmodo.com/5982101/secretly-we-all-want-this-toilet+paper+holding-ipad-stand
by Andrew Liszewski