Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Toilet Replacement Lids - Toilet Tips - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

~ If you replace your entire toilet, check with your water company to see if they offer Ultra Low Flush rebates.
~ If your toilet tank lid has broken or chipped edges, take a fine file and carefully smooth down the sharp edges. Or remove the lid and do not use it.
~ Secure toilet tank lids in public or institutional environments with silicone. Apply clear silicone caulking between the bottom of tank lid and the face of the tank. When access to the inside of the tank is required, cut the silicone with a razor or knife.
~ If you have a five year old living with you, show them what's inside the toilet tank before they try to look on their own. Yup - sold another lid today to replace one broken by a curious toddler.
~ If your toilet seat won't hold in the up position, try these two remedies: Gently slide the toilet tank lid back on the tank as far as it will go and/or loosen the toilet seat mounting nuts and move the seat as far forward as it will go...retighten nuts.
~ Do not sit on the closed cover of your toilet seat. It was not designed to be a chair or stool. Do not stand on the cover or rim of your toilet seat. (Unless you want to buy a new one.) They were not designed nor intended for that much weight. Plus the risk of injury from slip-and-fall.
~ When working with hand tools on the wall or ceiling above a toilet, close the top on the seat and put covering such as towels or blankets over the tank lid. ...Enough to protect from impact if a tool or hardware is dropped. Padded moving blankets are best.

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