Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Replacement Toilet Lids and Seats -Inubox is an automated dog toilet that aims to get some tails wagging - This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

Dogs are our best friends and our loyal companions, but they also come with a fair amount of responsibility. You need to be there to take care of them and take them out when nature calls. Inubox wants to give you an alternative to the tried and true method of letting your dog do its business in the yard. The automated indoor toilet for your dog is on display at CES 2019 and will be up on Kickstarter soon.

Inubox’s creators believe the device to be the first automated indoor toilet for dogs on the market, and they are probably right, seeing as that is a very specific claim. According to the company, Inubox works by detecting when your dog steps on the platform. Once the pooch finishes its business, Inubox senses that there was waste left behind and closes the platform to start the cleaning process.

Behind the closed door of Inubox, a cleaning cycle removes waste from the platform and restores it to a clean and usable surface for the next time your dog needs to do its duty. The waste cleaned off the platform, whether it be solid or liquid material, is processed by Inubox and put into a closed bag. Once the machine has processed enough waste, it produces a fully sealed bag that you can easily dispose of however you see fit. By wrapping up the waste in bags, Inubox is designed to make sure your house has no trace of the smell of waste wafting around it.

While Inubox works in an automated fashion to make sure your dog always has a place to go, it also has smart connectivity so you can remotely set it up if you happen to be away from home. That means if you get stuck at work or in traffic, you won’t have to make your dog hold it in until you get home.
Inubox will use Kickstarter to fund its initial production through Kickstarter. The company hasn’t specified when Inubox will be available or how much it’ll cost, but it will likely be available to early backers on Kickstarter (though that means it comes with the all the risks that crowdfunding platforms come with).

by AJ Dellinger

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