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There’s a lot to be said about heated toilet seats. It definitely keeps you from getting shocked awake in the middle of the night. And it makes sitting on the throne a lot more comfortable. Now, there used to be a time when these things were exclusive to the rich and famous. Thanks to technology and economics, it’s now pretty easy for the average Joe and Jane to indulge in some hot seates. But before you think that any ole heated toilet seat would do, think again.
Not all toilet seats are made the same – some are round, other elongated. Some have extra features like bidet attachments and remote controls for customizing the temperature. Because there are a lot of heated toilet seats being sold today, it can be difficult to pick one that is comfortable and has the features you want. Since you can’t possibly test them all out, we decided to do it for you. And we’ve come up with the list of the best heated toilet seats to choose from.

1. BB-600E BioBidet Ultimate Electric Bidet Seat

This is the Rolls Royce of the heated toilet seat industry. It was specifically designed to be a luxury class toilet seat, loaded with all the features you need and want. You have front and rear warm water cleansing wherein witch you can cycle the two streams for a more thorough cleaning. Also you can adjust the water temperature and the water pressure. You can even adjust the position.
Aside from water, you can dry yourself using warm air “sprayed” your way. No need for tissue then. Naturally, you can enjoy the heated seat (temperature there is also fully adjustable). And as an added bonus, the lid AND the seat have the slow-close function.
BB-600E BioBidet Ultimate Electric Bidet Seat
  • Slow-closing lid and seat
  • Adjustable temperature (water, air, and seat)
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive
  • Some users have complained about poor customer service/warranty issues
  • Manual is a bit vague

2. Brondell S1000-EW Swash

If the BB-600E is the Rolls Royce, then Brondell’s Swash 1000 is the Bentley. It has a lot of the same features – posterior and feminine warm water washes, water and seat temperature settings, water pressure controls, adjustable warm air dryer, nozzle oscillation feature, a wide wash feature, and the slow-closing seat and lid. There are two features that you won’t find in the BB-600E. The S1000 has stainless steel self-cleaning, self-sterilizing nozzles and a deodorizer. Yes, it takes out the stink in the air while you’re doing a number 2 using a carbon filter and fan. Plus, you get a 3 year limited warranty.

Brondell S1000-EW Swash Elongated Toilet Seat

  • Deodorizer
  • Self-cleaning and self-sterilizing nozzles
  • Eco mode uses a built-in body sensor to turn the unit on or off when not in use
  • Expensive
  • Some users have reported that the feminine wash doesn’t reach the desired spot
  • Some users have reported weak water pressure

by Michael Austin

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