Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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Robots may make cleaning toilets a thing of the past.

Toilets are weird. They exist to get rid of waste, but then you have to clean them, which itself is pretty gross.
Maybe you are the sort of person who simply accepts this. You grab your toilet brush without hesitation, knowing that not everything in life is going to be pleasant.
Well, then this new product is not for you. This product is for people who avoid discomfort at any cost. Two entrepreneurs from the Israeli city of Haifa, Daniel Tokarev and David Alush, invented an automatic toilet cleaner. “Toibot” is a Roomba for toilets, basically. You put it in the toilet, click a button and it cleans the bowl.
“The vision was to produce convenience and change the unpleasant experience of cleaning a toilet; to make it a more efficient, time-saving and hygienic process that is hassle-free and bacteria-free,” explained Tokarev.

The two came up with the idea after watching a show about innovation in 2013. Alush took a bathroom break and was overwhelmed with the absurdity of it all – we live in a world of innovation, and yet, we still clean toilets the way we have been for decades.
Well, almost. Apparently people used to chop off animal tails and use them to clean their toilets. But that’s a thought for another day.
“Now we use plastic materials but we still use the same unhealthy and unhygienic way of doing things,” Tokarev explained.
I don’t know, guys. How far should we really go to avoid dealing with anything unpleasant? And are we out of actual innovations? Electric lights were cool. The railways were totally worth it. This? I don't know anymore. So much human effort is going into things like new dating apps and automatic toilet cleaners. And I’m WRITING about automatic toilet cleaners, which is probably worse.
But it’s OK. I’ll probably complain about Toibots until I get one. I’m no exception.

by Iilana Strauss

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