Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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The Best Stories From Our Experienced Customers:

"We need a tank lid. We are a roofing compnay and one of our guys fell through a skylight opening. He hit the toilet on the way down and broke the lid. ...Swear to God. He's okay."(American Standard 4049 Fawn Beige tank lid, 2011)
"I dropped a hammer on a customer's toilet. You guys are the only one in America who has this thing." (American Standard 2092 Hamilton White tank lid, 2010)
"I stored the toilet in the garage during the remodel. The lid was on a tool box. The dog went by and bumped it. It smashed into many pieces."
"I was crawling out my second story window to make some exterior repairs. I'm a big guy, it's a small window. My foot hit the tank lid. It's American standard, but I can't find a number yet." (2010)
"The wind came through my window and blew my flower vase off the sill. It landed on the toilet and broke the lid. I cut my hand badly picking up the pieces." (American Standard 2006-7 Bone tank lid, 2009)
"I have five-year-old triplet boys - none of whom are talking about this." (Eljer Emblem, White tank lid and seat, 2008)
"I broke the lid. I leaned it against a wall and it slid down the wall and broke."
"This is the last time I let my sister paint my bathroom while drinking ;) ." (Norris 1979 White, 2007)
"I'm an idiot. I dropped my toilet lid while trying to fix something inside the bowl and it broke. How much for a Universal Rundle 4481/4490 tank lid in white?) ." (2008)
"In a cleaning frenzy before selling our house, I removed the tank cover. It slipped out of my hand and smashed into pieces on the floor."

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