Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Replacement Toilet Lids and Seats - Photos: Designer gets on a roll, creates toilet seat tissue holder- This Old Toilet 800-658-4521

Credit: Henry Franks/Cover Images

A British designer has created a new product that some might refer to as “toilet humor.”
People have long argued over which way round to put the toilet paper roll, but this product addresses the question of where one should place said roll.
Henry Franks of Oxford thinks that he has the answer. ‘Bog Standard’ is an oak toilet seat with the toilet roll holder on the front.
“This was part of a research project into how the mechanics of humor can be used to improve everyday objects,” says Franks.
“By placing the loo roll at the front, it becomes a clean handle for people to pick the seat up with and is arguably where you want the loo roll in the first place.
“Making people talk about an event by designing an experience using a humorous product hopefully brings awareness of how mundane or everyday products could be enhanced, and if nothing else hopefully brings a smile to the user.”
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